SPOT Academy is proud to present Generation Z – Game of Work. This innovative program is designed to teach the raising generation the vital interpersonal skills required to enter the workforce.

This course will empower the new generation and improve their soft skills by bringing them to virtual realities of workplace scenarios. This course will not only guide the students on focusing on their strengths but will empower them to build their confidence.

SPOT Academy will soon be launching this vital program in Caldwell, Idaho, piloting a course this fall. This interactive and immersive class will help young men and women be prepared for and engage and adapt to the workforce environment.


The Generation Z program is designed for the generation born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. These young adults are on the cusp of entering the global workforce.”


There are over 23 million Generation Z youth in the US. These young people are currently starting to seek entry-level positions and in the next 3 to 5 years their presence will be significant in every company in the country.

Young people of this generation have unique characteristics and behavior. They are increasingly self-aware, self-reliant, innovative and goal oriented. They are great multitaskers, but have short attention spans. They are tech-dependant with social media, the internet and smartphones and they do not fully comprehend body language and people’s emotions.

Businesses are noticing the implications of these common behaviors on employee and customer relationships. Companies are reporting problems integrating this generation into the workforce because they are noticeably different than past generations.


SPOT Academy has created the Generation Z – Game of Work course to help this generation be very successful when they enter the workforce. This interactive class introduces students to several communication skills and workplace scenarios.

Main components of the course include:

  • Practical Application of Soft Skills: Experiencing and exercising key soft skills like face to face communications , body language, voice visualization, interpersonal skills, adaptability, team work, self-awareness etc.
  • Business Politics: Students will learn how employee ranking works and how to move up more quickly in your career.  How they can effectively create their own self evaluation to achieve their goals.
  • Role-Play: Experiencing different level of positions and roles in a company, facing different challenges and working through different thought processes will help students understand how an organization really works. They will learn how they can effectively communicate with their peers and customers.
  • Internship: Part of the course includes an internship at a business to practice the new skills.

The course that we wish we had taken when we are their age!
The course that you will want your children or grandchildren to take!
The course that you will want your employees to take!”


We will be piloting the Generation Z – Game of Work course at Caldwell High School in Fall 2016. We want to recognize the support of Caldwell School District, HSC Institute, PorterHouse Inc, sponsors and our valued business partners, who will open their doors to our students for six-week internships.


To sponsor, become a business partner, or know more about Generation Z – Game of Work and how we can help prepare our students and children for a brighter future, please call us now at (208) 780-1182/1188 or send us an email at